World Grain Stock at a 35 Year Low

The price of food is on the rise. As a story and charts from the Wall Street Journal show, rice (prices up a whopping 134 percent), wheat, corn, and soy are all above a 60 percent increase over the last 52 weeks. Cargill, a large international provider of food, agricultural and risk management products and […]


It would appear that the pollsters must have made it clear that the American people want change. This little video highlights just how committed the 2008 Presidential Candidates are to change […sigh]. Of course I expect the change McCain would initiate is more troops in the Middle East and more military spending. Hillary…big shake ups […]

American Health Choices Plan Revealed

I have not had a enough time to do a full review of the plan released by the Clinton Campaign today. However, the plan is available as a PDF document from the Hillary Clinton web site…. Like this: “End to Unfair Health Insurance Discrimination: By creating a level-playing field of insurance rules across states and markets, the plan ensures that no American is denied coverage, refused renewal, unfairly priced out of the market, or forced to pay excessive insurance company premiums.”I’ll be reading, reviewing, responding.

WSJ Highlights HillaryCare and Other Plans

Laura Meckler at the Wall Street Journal offers a front page story that covers the 2008 presidential candidates and their focus for healthcare reform…. However, you must admit Clinton has real experience with the politics required to change healthcare at a national level. BTW, I find the political tone and negative use of the term “HillaryCare” by Republicans a bit offensive.