WeKoPa, an 89 and high score for the year!

My 8th shot was a tiny 6 incher, and I was off to the 10th hole with fire in belly and as swirling of swear words in my head.

My favorite part of the event: reserved parking

But nothing can compare to a guy in a tie meeting you in the parking lot, asking your name, and then directing you the the “second space to your right” where I found my “reserved” parking spot…. Finished the back at +6 by chipping and putting like a fool and hitting one long birdie putt.

Humbled. Frustrated. Beaten down.

Shot an 88. Brutal. Some breeze. But playing from the tips changes the course big time. 6 penalty strokes.

The Medalist Tournament Practice Round (Eagle Mountain)

Eagle Mountain, 10th (click for large image) Eagle Mountain, 11th (click for large image) Eagle Mountain, 17th (click for large image) Eagle Mountain, 18th (click for large image)

Football season…summer is over

I must be one of only a handful of men who find the return of football season as a downer…. That the snow will put a hold on golf.

Bushnell Yardage Pro Tour — my new golf gadget

I broke down and bought a laser yardage meter. I played with different ones, and in the end, I picked up the Bushnell Yardage Pro Tour model. It was small. Easy to use. Fit nicely in my hand. Nice semi-rubberized tactile feel. Yesterday, I played at the Ranches Golf Club in Saratoga Springs / Lehi. […]

Booked my travel for The Medialist Touranment

I’m in. Going back to Scottsdale. Matt “twisted” my arm to come down and play. But when he offered to let me shack up, I was in. Three days. Three courses. Eagle Mountain, SunRidge Canyon, and my favorite, We-Ko-Pa. September 8, 9, 10th.

Slow golf sucks

If there’s one thing a golfer hates it’s waiting for hackers who are playing slow golf. They look for balls, try to hit miracle shots–cause they saw it on TV once, take 10 practice swings before each shot, etc., etc. Even the Wall Street Journal wrote about it today, offering reader suggestions for improving pace […]

June 19th: The Ledges, the final round of vacation 2006

Today, on the drive home from Scottsdale, Dallen and I played a new course in St. George, Utah that just opened in the spring of 2006. The course is The Ledges. I liked the course. There was a LOT of grass for a desert course. Felt like the designers were catering to mid-west / Easterners […]

June 16th: SunRidge Canyon and We-Ko-Pa

Great day of 36 holes of golf on two of my favorite golf courses of all time: SunRidge Canyon Golf Club, a Suncor Golf course We-Ko-Pa Golf Club, rated in Golf Digest’s Top 100 you can play SunRidge Canyon Golf Club I’ve always been a huge fan of SunRidge Canyon Golf Club in Fountain Hills, […]

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