The Medalist Tournament Practice Round (Eagle Mountain)

Eagle Mountain, 10th (click for large image) Eagle Mountain, 11th (click for large image) Eagle Mountain, 17th (click for large image) Eagle Mountain, 18th (click for large image)

Samsung’s SGH-i600: an HSDPA and WiFi Smartphone BUT….

It makes me wonder what the incentive fees must be for adding Windows on a phone. All these product releases clearly suggest that the smartphone continues to pick up consumer demand and show that it’s less about computing and all about communicating today.

Why do I miss all the cool parties

Couple of weeks ago it was the TechCruch meetup party. Next week on Sept 12th, it’s the Apple announcement event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in downtown San Francisco.Good thing Bridget’s having her 10th birthday that week.

Facebook adds new ways to summarize and notify what’s new

By adding the News Feed and Mini Feed features to Facebook, members can now see what’s been happening since they last logged in without spending lots of time browsing around…. In my research directly with students and the research coming from the 2005 ECAR Study of Students and Information Technology, key areas students expect technology to provide include: convenience, connection, and control.

Driving with a two-year-old screamer

I found this funny clip on the camera of the kids enjoying the wind when the windows were down…. Jed and Bridget both added fuel to the fire.

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