Twitter ramblings for 2011-01-08

RIM's Playbook impressed me–more than expected. Gesture flow very nice. Interaction w/ Text not as easy as iOS. Flash was fantastic. #

Twitter ramblings for 2011-01-07

P2i is the coolest thing I've EVER seen at CES in all my times attending. #

Twitter ramblings for 2011-01-06

Is this the book every freshman in DC should read? Wait, has any incumbent read this? Is it in any library in DC? #

The Nerve Center / Security Console

I finally have my home network and video security (Logitech Alert) system “presentable.” I just couldn’t take looking at the unruly Cat5 (security/home automation/audio/telephone/networking) and coax (satellite/Comcast/TV) cabling any longer. I picked up a wonderful Ikea Broder shelving system, and as Radiohead would say, “Everything [is] In Its Right Place,” including: • Netgear 24 port […]

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