Love being able to check in on the mancave

The boys are hanging out in the basement (a.k.a. The Mancave). Looks line they are having fun playing Xbox tonight.  Captured with my new Logitech Alert video security camera.  Posted via email from Brad Baldwin’s Posterous

Twitter ramblings for 2010-08-10

From NYTimes: Logitech Alert cameras, "It sets a new bar in this category." #

Twitter ramblings for 2010-08-07

I want Facetime to webcam support # RT @crunchgear Review: Logitech Alert 750i Master System Camera #

Are Fruity Peebles target users Emos? Xbox geeks?

The Fruit Loops brand manager splashed the front his/her box with fiber promo. Now Fruity Peebles how a special dose of Vitamin D. Did the research point at people who stayed inside out of the sun playing video games? Posted via email from Brad Baldwin’s Posterous

Logitech Alert Launches

I’m excited to finally be able to talk about what I’ve been working on for the past two (2) years of my life:Logitech Alert Logitech Alert™ is certainly one of the biggest and most complex projects I’ve worked on. It’s also a highlight of a product that makes hard “technology” easy and usable for a […]

Sundance is so beautiful in the summer

Amy and I went to dinner at Sundance Saturday night. The food was awesome–as always, but the summer weather and cool evening air was a special treat. The air smells so clean with plenty of pine and earthy overtones. The sound of water racing down a creek is so pleasant and relaxing. I came away […]

Twitter ramblings for 2010-08-01

Ahhh. So that's where Huntington Creek is at… # Why does every man and woman in small Utah towns look like a polygamist? Maybe it's info A's been sharing from book "Escape." #

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