Is Microsoft Begging Students to Buy/Use Office

Interesting. When I was in at college, I spent about $135 as I recall for WordPerfect. The software came on 5 1/4″ floppy disks. I was glad to have it compared to the typewriter, a bottle of whiteout, and lots of wasted paper.

Now Microsoft is is begging students to pay just $59.95. That’s a $620 discount off the retail price of $680 or a 91% savings. That throws out the standard pricing models the rest of the software industry use to calculate value. And what’s included in this “Ultimate Package:”

* Word
* Excel
* PowerPoint
* Oulook (with Business Contact Manager)
* Accounting Express
* Publisher
* Access
* Infopath
* Groove
* OneNote

Is this another sign that the monopolistic power in Redmond is nervous about Google’s and others web-based apps that allow today’s students to collaborate and work on any computer at any location on or off campus — or even on mobile devices like the iPhone? Maybe so.