Mac Mini Tablet PC Mod

Peter Green’s mod on the Mac Mini is quite a feat…. The challenge to get user, developer, and retail adoption is enough to make me tired.

Interview with

As you may be aware, I’m one of the Rocky Mountain Voices podcasters. You can find all those podcasts over at the Rocky Mountain Voices site. Jennifer Napier-Pearce interviewed Tim Kapp, Kip Meacham, Cydni Tetro, and good’ole me for her Inside Utah Issue #62, Friday, 10/27/2006. You can check it out on her site or […]

Rant and rave: layered tight tee-shirts

Now it seems that every woman must wear layers of “tee” shirts, each layer a different color, each layer with a different accent showing (i.e., lace, sequins, something)…. Secondly, just because you add another tee-shirt layer, it doesn’t mean that you’re able to “hide” what was exposed by binding your torso with spandex enhanced cotton tee-shirts.

Google in the client software business?

Google’s effort to add new functionality for mobile devices is a natural and killer evolution that shows the web’s migration from destination to service. Today’s announcement of an email client for mobile devices enables highly-functional software as a service.

My 8 Mth Old MacBook is now 39% Slower than New Machines

My “old” MacBook Pro is now up to 39 percent SLOWER than the new machines. It’s so hard to have a dinosaur that’s only 8 months old.

Millenials to the Rescue

Think of the way technology is reaching across the youth culture, regardless of geographic boundary: U2 requests and gets hundreds of thousands of concert goers to send text message to support One Campaign, an effort to rally Americans to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty.Students reach out through MySpace to share insights into “their personality” (Harrison Group poll estimates 58 percent of American teens have a profile on MySpace)…. Real Simple Syndication (RSS) makes it easier than ever to let topics from blog authors or like-minded individual across the Internet come to you, creating a very “informed” audience (of both positive and negative positions).Podcasts on thousands of subjects and topics, from both professional, academic, and individuals, make it possible to stay current on topics from experts in their fields.

Social Media / Marketing in 2006 Elections

In their 2006 election coverage, National Public Radio (NPR) interviewed Joe Trippi, 2004’s campaign manager for Howard Dean and the author of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, the Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything.Trippi highlights how social media technology introduced in the past two (2) years is changing the relationship with voters (or in marketing lingo: prospects and customers). I found his example of the Nixon and Kennedy debate very telling.The example: Radio listeners thought that Nixon was the clear winner of the debate because of Nixon’s handling of the questions.Television watchers, a new medium, clearly placed the win on Kennedy due to his youthful face and clean-shaven , prepped-for-viewers look.It reminded me of the “marketers” quest for sick web sites, colorful paper collateral with killer logos, and ad copy with the catchiest of phrases or images to attract attention.Today, the he new medium of social media with pages on Facebook and MySpace, podcasts, and the journalistic efforts of millions of opinionated bloggers can add new voices to the traditional “polished” face being presented by media, marketing, and political consultants.Businesses need to thing outside the box of traditional marketing and promotional options.

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