Nokia E61 up and running…

Happy as a clam w/ my new Nokia E61My Nokia E61 finally is configured and working. I had to break up the configuring across a few different nights. It also was a bit more complex to configure than my Treo’s have been.

Here’s the snags I ran into and how I solved them:

I’m starting to get used to the Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition (S60) OS. It’s very powerful. HOWEVER, I will be honest, I find the menus and organization of the system a bit weird. I keep going to the Tools > Settings > menu and I browse through the settings only to never find the item I’m looking for.

Secondly, the number of clicks it takes to 1) find a contact and 2) dial the contact number is far too many steps (1. Contacts > 2. “enter letters to filter names” > 3. joystick to name > 4. joystick to number [cell vs. home] > 5. select Call > 6. mouse out to Voice call > 7. select. I’m hoping to find a better faster way to make calls.

Finally, I have similar issues with email. I love the “Blackberry-like” experience of receiving and sending mail. I love that my calendar, contacts, AND email are synced automatically. But again, the number of steps it takes to delete / reply is far more than my Treo experience. I fell like I’m always confirming yes / no / this / that.

I’ve got to find out if there is a Power user mode.